Hunting Quad Bikes VS Hunting eBikes


For efficient hunting, you will need a transportation vehicle that’ll be robust and yet have the ability to handle anything that comes your way.

While ATVs and quad bikes have been a super popular choice for hunting, the latest and so far the best transportation vehicle is the electric hunting bike.

The chances are you’ve come across hunting eBikes before and now you’re wondering what’s the difference between a brand new eBike and your existing quad bike or ATV.

You’re in the right place as down below, you’ll find teh main differences between these two, but you’ll even learn if switching to a hunting eBike and the whole investment is worth it.

The Difference Between Quad Bikes and Hunting eBikes


The main difference between quad bikes and hunting eBikes is the powering option. Quad bikes and ATVs are generally powered by a petrol motor while hunting eBikes are powered by an electrically-powered motor.

The second main difference is the shape and size. Quad bikes and ATVs are often 3 or 4 wheelers while hunting eBikes have kept the design of a mountain bike, yet have improved all of its areas and components to provide an indestructible hunting vehicle.

Other differences include the price difference. Even though eBikes can be considered a fairly expensive investment, they still tend to cost cheaper than quad bikes. And if you are thinking long-term, an electric hunting bike will cost you a fraction of what you’re paying to maintain and fill up your quad bike for your hunts.

Of course, after all of these differences, there are many other important differences in the way these vehicles help you hunt. eBikes are a lot more versatile, easier to get across with, and yet can even help you recover your game a lot more efficiently without having to worry about the storage space or loading capacity.

Price Difference Between Quad Bikes and Hunting eBikes


Quad bikes can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000, and of course, if you’re looking for a quality quad bike that will serve your hunting purpose well, you will most likely be checking out mid-priced models.

On the other hand, top-quality hunting eBikes can cost up to $5,000 or $6,000, and they will even include additional accessories you’ll need for your hunt.

The price difference is huge and yes, you might use a quad bike for any other purpose to ensure it is a decent investment, but so can you use the hunting eBike.

Of course, quad bikes are built differently and include a lot more components and an actual engine, which increases the cost. But you should keep in mind that hunting eBikes are specially designed and made for hunters who are looking for the next best transportation vehicle.

And when you add a cost of registration, maintenance, and fuel for a quad bike, it’s pretty clear that quad bikes are a much more expensive option than a hunting eBike so you should really ask yourself if a quad bike is exactly what you need or is it something you think will work out.

Long Term Benefits and Running Costs


Both quad bikes and hunting eBikes are an investment so you should also be looking at the long-term benefits you’ll gain from each choice.

When it comes down to the economy, hunting eBikes are a clear winner because they require no fuel, they help the environment, and charging the battery with electricity is way cheaper than gas that’s surging in price.

Most quad bikes have to be registered while hunting eBikes don’t. There are regulations in place for on-road use, but off-road, you won’t ever have to worry about any regulations. Yet you will still be able to ride your eBike on road without any registration needed. This itself also saves the cost for the eBike owner.

There is almost no maintenance on hunting eBikes (motor and battery wise) and yet there are only minimal things you will have to do and replace. These are the things you can do on your own so you might not have to spend any money on maintenance at all. On the other hand, quad bikes come with a proper engine that often requires professional help even for regular maintenance that costs money.

Even if something goes wrong, hunting eBikes have fewer and most importantly, cheaper components that are easier to replace.

Hunting eBikes also require less storage space in comparison to quad bikes, and yet are a lot cheaper option in the long run that you can afford relatively easier with a proper financing plan.

Should You Switch from a Quad Bike to Hunting eBike?


If you already own a quad bike you’ve recently purchased, it might not be a great idea to switch immediately to a hunting eBike, from a financial standpoint.

However, if finances are not an issue, the answer is yes, you should switch from a quad bike to a hunting eBike.


Hunting eBikes are specially designed and produced for hunters who are looking for ways to hunt better, improve their hunting game, and enjoy their experience more.

While both quad bike and hunting eBikes are made to be a great fit for all-terrain, hunting eBikes provide advantages that quad bikes just can’t. These advantages include stealthiness, no noise, easier way to get through narrow paths and reach destinations you otherwise couldn’t.

On top of that, making a switch to a hunting eBike can still be justified financially since eBikes can save you a lot of money from day one.


While quad bikes have always been a decent choice for hunters, electric bikes just come with many more improvements, many more benefits, and they’re a lot more affordable in the long run.

Hunting quad bikes are slowly becoming outdated in comparison to precisely crafted hunting electric bikes.

And if you’re looking to find out some high-quality hunting eBikes, we have plenty of eBike reviews, but also buying guides that will help you learn exactly what you should look out for.

Do you own a quad bike or an ATV, and are you considering making a switch to a hunting eBike?