Hunting in Kentucky


If you’re a deer hunter – one of the best places to hunt is Kentucky due to its very well balanced (and even the healthiest) deer population.

Best Animal to Hunt


Two of the best animals to hunt in Kentucky are deer and Boone & Crockett. They’re also the largest in the estimated population.

However, you can also hunter smaller games such as rabbits, quail, or even grouse.

Best Hunting Locations


Kentucky is known for large public lands where everything is all about hunting the big game, and no matter if you’re after big or small games – these are the best hunting locations in Kentucky:

  • Beaver Creek Wilderness
  • Taylorsville Lake
  • Cumberland Lake
  • Mill Creek
  • Peabody Wildlife Management Area

Hunting Requirements

According to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, both residents and non-residents are required to purchase a correct valid hunting license. However, if you’re a non-resident, along with the correct hunting license, you will also have to purchase an additional permit according to the hunting license.

The best place to purchase both hunting licenses and permits is directly from the official Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources site.

Getting to Kentucky


Kentucky is a state that’s easily approachable and if you’re going for a hunting excursion in Kentucky – you can get there either by train, air, or road.

One of the easiest ways to get there is to fly out directly to the main Kentucky airport which is Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Things to Keep in Mind

Every hunter in Kentucky, except the landowners, is required to have a certificate of hunting education. This can be purchased as a one-time validation that lasts up to 12 months.

Hunting Excursion

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