Hunting in Ohio


If Ohio’s deer population keeps growing, it’s easily going to reach million which definitely benefits the deer hunters. However, the population of Boone & Crockett isn’t bad either.

Best Animal to Hunt


You can’t go hunting in Ohio without going after whitetail deer or Boone & Crockett. However, you can also hunt anything from feral pigs and doves to squirrels and turkey.

Best Hunting Locations


Ohio offers a decent amount of acres where hunters can hunt on public land – and if you’re going hunting in Ohio, here are some of the best hunting spots you should pay a visit:

  • Woodbury Wildlife Area
  • Dillon Wilderness Area
  • Conesville Coal Lands
  • Shawnee State Forest
  • Wolfcreek Whitetails

Hunting Requirements

All hunters regardless of age or residence must have a correct hunting license in order to hunt in Ohio. Additionally, you might be required to possess game-specific permits.

You can purchase both permits and license online, directly from the official Ohio Division of Wildlife site.

Getting to Ohio


One of the best ways to get to Ohio is to find a cheap flight to one of the commercial airports in Ohio such as the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Ohio is also very approachable by road so in case you’d take your own vehicle to Ohio – it’s another great way!

Things to Keep in Mind

Sunday hunting is legal in Ohio so the entire state is allowed Sunday hunting – however, you should still keep an eye on the season start and end dates.

Hunting Excursion

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