Hunting in Maryland


Even though Maryland is very well known for being an ideal state to hunt waterfowl – it’s also known as a home state of Chesapeake Bay retriever dog which only shows how popular is the bird hunting in Maryland.

Best Animal to Hunt


Since Maryland is very well known as an ideal state for hunting small games – we highly recommend hunting any waterfowl.

Best Hunting Locations


Even though Maryland is very well known for fishing, it’s also popular for bird hunting and these are some of the best hunting locations you should visit:

  • Savage River State Forest
  • St. Mary’s River State Park
  • Eastern Shore
  • Dan’s Mountain

Hunting Requirements

According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, you are required to possess a hunting license in order to hunt.

The best place to buy a hunting license is online from the official Maryland Department of Natural Resources site.

Getting to Maryland


Maryland is a very well connected state and you can either fly, drive, or take a bus or train to get to Maryland.

We highly recommend flying out to one of the three commercial airports or many other commuter airports.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re hunting on someone else property, you need to have written permission to hunt on the property – so that’s something to keep in mind, depending on where you decide to hunt.

Also, residents who own land don’t need a hunting license to hunt on their land.

Hunting Excursion

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