How to Calculate Range of Your Hunting Electric Bike


What’s the first thing you check out when you’re browsing for a new hunting eBike? It’s most likely the electric hunting bike range.

We bet that you’ve wondered what is the eBike range, at least once in a while, right?

If you did – this is the right post for you. We’ll explain the importance of an eBike range, how to calculate it, but also what are some other aspects you should focus on when browsing hunting eBikes.

Lastly, but not least important is that you’ll be able to find a hunting eBike with the most range – so keep on reading!

What is Range of Electric Hunting Bikes?


We often refer to the range when we try to understand how far can an electric bike gets us before we have to put the battery on a charger.

If you’ve already browsed hunting eBikes, you might have noticed that all of them have a different yet similar range.

The range is very simple to understand, but everyone knows that bigger the range is – the more ground you get to cover.

Most hunters also split the total range in half – which allows them to understand exactly how far they can go and still have enough battery to return back.

Even the same thing applies to electric cars. Electric cars with a better range are more expensive. Why?

Because of the battery. The battery is the main reason, however, the range also depends on other factors such as:

  • The power of the motor
  • The way you ride the eBike
  • And even weather conditions can decrease the range of your eBike

That’s why the average range of a hunting electric bike is advertised for every model there is. However, it’s still good to know how to calculate eBike range on your own as it can be very handy in various situations.

How to Calculate the Range of Hunting eBikes?


Don’t worry, you don’t need to be very good at math to understand how to calculate the range of electric bikes.

In fact, it’s very simple once you understand the formula. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t be explaining this as we aren’t a big fan of math at all!

Alright, here are some of the most important factors you should take into consideration:

  • The voltage & capacity of the battery (aH)
  • Power of the motor
  • And the formula

Once you know the capacity of the battery and the power of the motor of a certain eBike – it’s fairly easy to understand the range you can get out of it.

All you need is a formula. Don’t worry – the formula isn’t complicated at all, in fact, check it out down below!

The voltage of the battery X capacity of the battery = Watt-hours
Example for a 36-volt 10AH battery: 36 x 10 = 360 watt-hours

But this doesn’t give you the range yet, right? It’s very simple to extract the range from there.

On average, your battery will spend 20 watt-hours per mile. However, this can vary depending on the way you ride an eBike, terrain, and weather conditions.

Watt-hours / 20 = Miles
Example: 360 watt-hours / 20 = 18 miles

However, you should also consider the power of the motor. 250-watt motor will burn 250 watt-hours in an hour.

500-watt motor will burn 500 watt-hours in an hour. This will burn through the battery twice as faster than the 250-watt motor, but you’ll get a lot more assistance in the process.

As you can see, it’s a two-step process which anyone can calculate with the help of a smartphone calculator.

Which Hunting eBike Offers the Most Range?


Most hunting eBikes offer on average about 25 miles of range. We really tried hard to find the eBike that offers the most – but it’s hard since almost all eBikes offer a similar range.

You might focus on the battery capacity. The bigger the capacity is, the more range it offers, right?

That’s correct, but such eBikes often feature a more powerful motor (750W or 1000W) which offers more assist and it burns through the battery faster.

In the end, such hunting eBike offers on average 25 miles. The pretty similar range which a weaker eBike offers with less powerful motor yet a smaller battery pack.

However, one hunting eBike caught our eye. Can you guess which one it is?

It’s the 2020 Quietkat RidgeRunner – a full suspension electric hunting bike. It offers a 48V 16Ah Panasonic battery which offers 768 watt-hours.

If you’re very cautious of how you ride this eBike, you could get a range of up to 38 miles if you go with the 750W motor model.

But even then, you’ll most likely get about 25 miles on average if you use it as it’s intended to be used.

Overall, a quality battery that can provide plenty of range if used on-road or for commuting. You also get to choose between 750W or 1000W mid-drive motor.

But here’s the best thing. If you don’t use pedal assist – you could get about 50 miles of range on a single battery charge.

So if you’ve been wondering what is the range of electric bikes – we believe you aren’t disappointed at all, right?

Should You Only Focus on Range?


You shouldn’t only focus on range. Why?

Because some eBikes are made to provide a lot of torque and the ability to handle even the roughest terrains. A great example is hunting eBikes.

They will pull you and your equipment up the hill without a hiccup. However, you can expect the range to drop to around 15 miles for such use.

Therefore, if you’re purchasing a new eBike, you should consider the way you will ride it, what is the eBike made for, and then have a look at the battery and motor.


Electric bikes were able to change the way hunters move and if it was able to do that – we believe that it is able to help you out in many different life situations.

Range is always considered to be a tricky one to calculate because there are many aspects to consider, and even the smallest things can affect it.

However, it’s definitely not that hard to calculate the average electric hunting bike range with the help of the formula in this article.

Did you know how eBike manufacturers calculate miles? Did you ever wonder what is the range of electric bikes?

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  1. I like the idea of using an electric bike to go hunting with. I feel like that would be a good way to reach more out of the way places that hunters don’t usually go to quickly. I’ll have to consider getting one of those that would have a good range if I decide to try one out when I go hunting.

    1. Hey Tyler,

      thanks for reaching out. For sure, hunting eBikes have a lot of advantages and they can provide plenty of benefits. Hunters usually take a bit of time to adjust to hunting using an eBike – but the time is definitely worth it.

      I’m glad you’re thinking of making the step. I recommend you check out our article on how to calculate the range of your hunting eBike so you can know exactly how much range you will be able to get out of your eBike.

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