Are Hunting eBikes Allowed on Federal Land?


Electric hunting bikes are increasing in popularity and hunters are really recognizing all the benefits and advantages this eBikes offer. But are you allowed to go hunting on federal land with an electric hunting bike?

Even though you don’t have the same responsibilities with eBike as if you would have with another vehicle – but there are some rules and guidelines you should follow.

We’ve all been there. It’s the part that confuses most hunters that are new to the hunting electric bikes. However, believe us – this is nothing you should be worried about.

In fact, you’ll find everything you need to know in this article, so keep on reading!

Benefits of Hunting eBikes

best-electric-hunting-mountain-bikesWhile most hunters don’t believe that a bike can replace their primary hunting vehicle – it only takes time until they realize that it actually can.

Hunting eBikes are specially made in a way to solve all hunters’ needs and provide more benefits than any other hunting vehicle could provide.

Most hunters focus on the economical benefits of hunting eBikes. It’s true that eBikes are an investment, but in the long run – you wouldn’t spend even half the amount you would spend on a regular hunting vehicle.

Therefore, hunting electric bikes reduce the fuel cost, maintenance cost, and even registration of motorized vehicle costs.

On the other hand, we have hunters who noticed some even better benefits. It’s stealthiness. You get to move at a pretty high speed, in the rough terrain and make very minimal noise which gives you a big advantage.

Carrying loads of gear or even taking the game home isn’t hard either. Since electric hunting bikes are specialized types of eBikes – they also have their own special accessories that will help you move without feeling restricted.

After all, electric hunting bikes can open up a wide range of possibilities since you will be able to take it to parts you’ve never been before with any other hunting vehicle.

A great combination of powerful motor, fat tires, rough construction, and plenty of additional accessories made for hunters only really comes together when you’re in the woods.

Not to mention how easy eBikes are to handle – even in the roughest terrain. We’ve mentioned some of the most important benefits, but we even have an in-depth post on all benefits you can experience with a hunting eBike – so give it a read to find more info!

But one thing is sure. Once you go electric, you won’t want to go back to a petrol vehicle!

eBike Laws You Should Know About


Whether you take an electric bike to hunt or you use it to commute on a daily basis – there are rules that you should follow.

Even though electric bikes aren’t considered as motorized vehicle and they don’t need to be registered – there are still some guidelines you should follow.

We wrote an in-depth post on this as well, so we recommend reading our law guide for electric bikes.

There are three different law types for eBikes:

  • eBike law for the road
  • Electric mountain bike guidelines
  • eBike laws for trails

Even though it can seem a lot – it’s actually not! All you have to do is read it once, remember the most important things – and you’re ready to go.

But here’s the thing. These laws aren’t very well regulated and they vary from state to state.

On the bright side – eBikeGeneration has made an easy-to-follow guide that includes laws for all 50 states in the USA.


All you have to do is click on the map and choose your state to find everything you need to know about the eBike laws in your state.

So is Hunting on Federal Land with eBike Allowed?

We’ve mentioned eBike laws for the road, eBike mountain bike guidelines, and even trail laws – but how about the federal land?

As a hunter, you probably know that there are rules and laws to follow when hunting on the federal land.

But are you allowed to take your hunting eBike to the federal land?

The quick answer is – yes!

As of August 29th, 2019, the regulation set in place allows all eBikes to access federal land and even natural parks anywhere in the USA.

Again, eBikeGeneration specializes in providing the most accurate information – so we highly recommend checking up on any law changes on their website –

Our Advice on How to Invest in an Electric Hunting Bike


eBike laws and regulations aren’t something you should be confused by or afraid of. Hunting eBikes offer a lot of benefits that are very affordable.

In the long run, electric hunting bikes seem to be far better than any other hunting vehicle type in almost every aspect.

If you consider these hunting electric bikes as just regular bikes – you might find them to be too expensive. But if you think of them as hunting investment that will provide specialized benefits to your hunting – they’re very well worth it in the long run.

Even though most of the hunters we’ve talked about have a lot of interest in hunting eBikes – the financial situation doesn’t allow all of them to make a great investment.

Luckily, we also wrote a big post on how to get finance for purchasing a hunting eBike that makes the purchasing process easy and the monthly rates very affordable.

eBikeGeneration is one of the stores that specialize in hunting eBikes and they also provide great financing deals so we highly recommend checking them out!


Getting the right information isn’t always easy when it comes down to eBIke laws & regulations. We believe that this is why there is so much confusion around this topic.

Even the government doesn’t always provide clear answers.

But on the bright side, we were able to gather all useful information and present it inside one short blog post so you can find everything you need, in just a couple of minutes.

Are you going hunting on federal land with your eBike from now on?

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, as we’d love to help you out further. If you don’t have any questions, we would appreciate it if you shared this post so other hunters get answers to these common questions!