Benefits of a Quiet Bike for Hunting


Motorized vehicle use for hunting is becoming history thanks to the electric hunting bikes. Not only do they provide more benefits, but they’re also a lot quieter, if not even silent. But what are the benefits of a quiet bike for hunting?

If you never wondered how your vehicle sound is affecting the animals you’re hunting, this is the right post for you.

Down below, we’ll show you everything you need to know about electric bikes, their benefits, but also how quiet eBike motors and the downside of not hunting using a quiet hunting vehicle.

Therefore, keep on reading as this improvement might change the way you hunt or even result in better success!

Why is an Electric Bike Quiet?


Electric bikes are quiet because the power is produced electrically. Therefore, electric hunting bikes are very quiet and the only two things you can hear are the tires hitting the road/trail or buzz coming from the motor as it generates electric power.

Since there are very few moving parts in the motor and yet a great amount of power is produced, electric bikes are quiet as a result.

The sound of electric bikes is often compared to the sound of the trolleybus when it accelerates after a stop. However, the sound of tires hitting the trail is pretty much similar to any other mountain bike.

When you compare the gas-powered motor and electrically powered motor, you would notice the huge difference in the components and lack of many components in the electrically powered motor. With that being said, the buzz is the only thing you will hear (and sometimes won’t hear).

So when one is riding an electric bike and is surrounded by motorized vehicles, the electric bike can seem like it’s 100% quiet as it’s easily overshadowed by the noise of other vehicles.

Benefits of a Quiet Bike for Hunting


Needless to say, quiet bikes are a true gem for hunters who are looking forward to a successful hunt.

Electric hunting bikes allow hunters to make stealthy moves as even the very minimal noise from the hunting eBike is not heard over long distances. With that being said, hunters can easily make stealthy moves no matter how quick they move.

This is the biggest benefit, but of course, quiet hunting eBikes come with other benefits.

But with the benefit of producing very minimal noise even at higher speeds, you can stealthily move from one point to another without tipping off the prey.

Depending on what animals you hunt, some might be very sensitive to noise so they tend to spot a motorized vehicle miles away while it’s really hard for them to hear a quiet bike for hunting.

What Happens if Your Hunting Vehicle isn’t Quiet?


As a hunter, you know that you have to be quiet. However, it’s really hard to be quiet when you have to move from one point to another using a motorized vehicle.

But what happens if you are not being quiet?

Some animals (especially the ones with large external ears) can amplify the sound and hear noise from miles away.

As most animals move independently, as they spot noise, they also help each other evaluate what is happening in all directions.

A great example is a lone dear. If you spot it, pay attention to its ears. Just by watching its ears, you can determine if he spotted you and is ready to get out of there.

In most situations, you won’t even get the chance to see your prey and yet they’ll keep on moving in a different direction so your hunt might end up unsuccessful.

Are All Hunting eBikes Quiet?


Yes, all hunting eBikes are quiet, as long as they come with an electrically powered motor and a battery. Of course, you also have to consider that there are a couple of different motor types.

The noise can slightly differ and vary but all hunting eBikes are still quiet enough to allow you to harvest all the benefits of switching to a hunting eBike.

Also, you have to consider that there are hunting eBikes that come with two motors instead of one, and two batteries too.

Motor brands can also make a difference in the noise and the type of sound the motor produces as it generates power.

However, there is nothing to worry about as hunting eBikes are always going to be A LOT quieter than any motorized hunting vehicle!

Are More Powerful Electric Hunting Bikes Louder?


We’ve mentioned earlier hunting electric bikes that even come with two powerful motors. But should you pay attention to the power of an eBike and is it related to the noise?

Generally, there is a very small difference in the decibels of a hunting eBike so even if you go with the most powerful hunting eBike on the market, there won’t be a huge difference.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, electrically powered bikes for hunting are always going to be a lot quieter than any motorized hunting vehicle so that’s what’s important.

A couple of decibels won’t make a huge difference, but yes, a bit more powerful eBikes can make a bit more noise.

What’s also important is that this noise still can’t be heard miles away so you won’t ever jeopardize your hunting game.

Also, most hunting eBikes come with a class limiter so the top speed will be the same for almost all hunting eBikes. With that being said, more powerful eBikes, in fact, might not be louder than less powerful hunting eBikes.


A quiet bike for hunting is one of the best investments you can make. Not only it benefits hunters who are trying to stay lowkey and improve their hunting game, but hunting eBikes come with many other benefits you might not be aware of.

Therefore, feel free to browse around our blog as you’ll find plenty of useful information and even be able to check our reviews of some of the best hunting eBikes you can get.

Did you ever try hunting with a hunting eBike and how did you like it?