Mid-Drive VS Hub Motor for Electric Hunting Bikes: Pros & Cons


Hunters are really loving electric hunting bikes so far – but we’ve noticed that everyone’s interested in two things.

The power and range an electric hunting bike has. And where does the all power come from?

The motor! There are two main types of motors: mid-drive and a hub motor – but which one is better and which motor will keep you going for longer?

That’s exactly what you’ll find out in this article – so keep on reading!

By the end of the article, you won’t only know which motor might be a better option for you – but you’ll also know the difference and the capabilities of both which really comes a long way.

Head down for the mid drive VS hub motor comparison!

Mid Drive Electric Bike Motor – Pros & Cons


Mid-drive motors are located – you’ve guessed it, in the middle of the eBike. This type of motor has all of the sensors placed in the middle of the motor which ensures that it can easily measure your speed, torque, and cadence.

Mid drive electric bike motor leverages the existing drive train of your bike to spin the sprocket even faster than usual on a regular bike.

And since this motor type can leverage existing bike components very well – climbing hills is very easy and efficient with this type of an eBike.

Therefore, it’s important to use the gears on your eBike and ride it like you would ride a regular bike – so the motor can sense the pedal movements & gear changes to act accordingly.

The biggest benefit of this type of eBikes is that the whole weight is placed in the middle of the eBike. It’s low and centered which doesn’t only free up space in the back – but it also ensures a better balance.

Therefore, if you’re a type of hunter who loads a lot of equipment on their hunting vehicle, or you even plan on attaching a cargo trailer to your eBike – mid-drive eBikes might be a better option.

Not only mid-drive eBike motors are more efficient, but they are also able to handle a lot more weight and still take you up the hill without a hiccup.

Another great thing is that mid-drive motors consume less battery which also means that these types of eBikes will feature a smaller battery. This results in less weight, better efficiency, and yet still a great range and speed.

But what’s the main con? Mid-drive motors will wear out your drive train a bit faster than usual. Since mid-drive motor works by spinning the sprocket, all the torque is put on the chain and other components.

Don’t put a lot of pressure on your pedals when you change your gear. Remember that rule? Well, some mid-drive motors don’t recognize the shift and they are constantly putting the pressure on the components which is the reason chain and sprocket might have to be changed a bit more often.

However, there are more sophisticated mid-drive eBikes that can recognize the shifts and will back off to decrease the pressure on the drive train during shifts which will prolong the life of eBike components.

But what is another con? It’s the price. Mid-drive eBikes are a bit more expensive than hub motors and yet if you’re often in the hills – it’s definitely recommended to think about purchasing a mid-drive eBike.

Hub Motor – Pros & Cons


Hub motor is often placed in the hub of the rear wheel. If you have ever tried riding a hub motor eBike – you’d know how much fun they are.


Since all power comes from the rear – you will feel like you’re being pushed forward which is a great feeling. Especially if you put your thumb down on the throttle.

Hub motors work in a simple way. As long as there is pedal movement – the motor will support your speed. Therefore, the faster you pedal – the more power you will be able to achieve from the motor.

Hub motor eBikes are also a bit more affordable than mid-drive eBikes which might be important for some hunters.

By now, you understand that the hub motors are mostly working on sensing the pressure you’re putting on the pedals and the speed you’re trying to achieve to assist you. But is that good enough for electric hunting bikes?

Weight distribution is the biggest con since a pretty heavy motor will be placed at the rear wheel which puts a lot of weight in the rear. If you are trying to pull a trailer or load your eBike with more hunting equipment – this might be a bit of the issue.

And since there are quite many hunting eBike manufacturers, the weight of the hub motor will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you’re a hunter who doesn’t always bring all of their equipment with them – hub motor might not be a bad decision.

However, there’s one more con of hub motors. It’s a lot harder to fix a flat on a rear wheel on a hub-motor eBike.

And one more thing not many hunters know. Hub motors consume more battery than mid-drive motors. Therefore, most hub-motor eBikes come with a large battery which also adds to the weight of the eBike.

Which Motor Type is Better for an Electric Hunting Bike?


If you’re often in the hills and have a lot of climbs, we highly recommend mid-drive eBike since it reduces the weight on the back of the eBike, and yet it is more efficient in the hills.

Mid-drive eBike is also a great choice if you carry a lot of equipment or you’d like to attach a trailer to your eBike.

However, if you have a lot of flatlands and you’re looking to achieve top speed & consistency maintaining that speed on a flat – hub drive motors is a great option for this.

However, you should also consider the price since this will also determine the type of motor you will be able to go for.


You might have known the difference between the way these motor types work – however, did you know what it means for a hunter who solely relies on the hunting eBike?

Which motor type do you think is a better option?

We hope that the mid-drive VS hub motor comparison has been useful and that you are fully aware of the pros & cons of both motors as this could affect your eBike choice!

Which motor do you think you would go for?

Feel free to leave a comment down below and we’d do our best to respond to all of the comments!