Electric Folding Bicycle with Pedal Assist System for Hunting


Hunting eBikes are taking the hunting game to another level, and while they’re pretty compact and versatile – if you’re trying to go even more compact, an electric folding bicycle with pedal assist system is the right way to go!

Folding eBikes allow hunters to easily take them wherever they go (even to across-state hunting trips), as they’re pretty lightweight and require very minimal space.

On the other hand, pedal assist system combined with a folding hunting eBike can take you anywhere, no matter the smaller wheels.

Down below, you’ll learn some of the benefits of both folding hunting eBikes and pedal assist system – but we’ll also show you one of the best folding eBikes for hunters – so keep on reading!

Benefits of a Folding eBike


While foldability is one of the biggest benefits – another benefit that many overlook is the strong battery life.

As soon as you fold the hunting folding eBike – it starts saving space so you can store it anywhere, including the back of your car.

In most instances, folding eBikes can go faster and they can cover longer distances because of its lightweight.

Even though folding eBikes come with a smaller bike frame and wheels – it’s as sturdy as regular hunting eBikes.

In fact, you can still connect a trailer and haul your gear (or game), but rear-racks are, unfortunately, not an option for some models.

What is a Pedal Assist System?


Pedal assist system is an operating mode that turns on the eBike’s motor at the right moment. The moment is as soon as you’re ready to get on your journey.

Pedal Assist System is also referred to as PAS. And if you ever tried riding an eBike – you could notice the boost of power that is pushing the eBike forward (mostly coming from the rear wheel). Such a boost of power comes from the motor as it activates itself in the right moment.

When you aren’t using your eBike – PAS also helps the motor idle and save battery. Even though you might not know it – PAS can also help you save battery (and improve range) even when you’re riding!

Whenever you’re riding downhill, you aren’t putting a lot of pressure on the pedals (or you might not even use them) which helps the motor use less power to still keep you pushing forward, even when you’re riding downhill.

Quietkat Voyager Folding eBike

One of the best electric folding bicycle with pedal assist system on the market right now is the Quietkat Voyager.

It’s full of benefits regardless of its size – so keep on reading to know exactly what to expect from this mighty folding eBike! Needless to say, Voyager is also known to be the best hunting mini bike you can get on the market!

Powerful at all Times


Quietkat didn’t cut any corners when they were designing Voyager. This folding eBike still features a full-sized battery that’s well concealed for improved durability and a full-sized motor that you would find in any other hunting eBike.

Hub-drive 750-watt motor in combination with a 7-speed gearing and 5 modes of pedal assisted power –  you won’t even have to pedal to experience the full power of this eBike.

2 piston mechanical brakes will keep you safe at all times, even when you’re running these small wheels with fat tires downhill on rocky terrain!

Convenient Control Center


Quietkat Voyager comes with one of the most unique control centers. It’s a digital display that allows you to access information such as battery percentage left, distance left to cover, power control, and speed.

Combine this with PAS and throttle that’s easy to operate and you get a compact yet powerful eBike with small but fat tires that can grip the ground in difficult terrains.

The display will never distract you from what’s going on in front of you and yet it will provide a quick insight into the most needed information when you’re on the go.

Ideal for Pulling Weight


You’d be mistaken if you thought that Voyager can’t pull any weight. In fact, Quietkat Voyager can pull additional weight which is perfect for carrying all your equipment and gear.

However, if you have a proper trailer, you might even be able to recover the game in the wild. Especially considering the size of this foldable yet powerful hunting eBike – maybe that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This eBIke only weighs 70 lbs but has a loading capacity of 300 lbs.

Combined with a robust and durable frame that includes high-end components so riding through the toughest terrain as smooth as possible is guaranteed!

Concealed Battery with Long Range


Even though you might think that there’s no enough space for a full-sized battery that provides the average range – Quietkat really did a good job at not only installing the battery but also concealing it for extra durability.

The battery in this foldable hunting eBike is a Panasonic 48V/11.6Ah that provides a range of about 20 miles (depending on the use).

Noiseless and Concealed

With the hub-drive motor and a well-concealed battery that can keep you going for up to 20 miles before you have to re-charge, another benefit of this foldable hunting eBike is that it makes no noise.

Combine this with the small frame design that comes in two finishes, you’ll be unnoticeable as you speed through the forest!

The finish available is Charcoal or Camo – and no matter which one you choose, you’ll stay concealed at all times.


If you’re trying to find the best electric folding bicycle with pedal assist system – Quietkat Voyager is an eBike that offers a lot more than that!

It’s full of benefits that are directly aimed at hunters so that they can take their hunting game to another level

If you’re looking to get the best of both worlds – a fully functional hunting eBike that’s foldable, Voyager won’t disappoint you!

Not only it has a great range on a single charge, great speed, and pedal-assist system – but it’s also foldable so you can save space when you’re not using it.

What do you like the most about Quietkat Voyager?

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