Rungu Electric Juggernaut and Why You Need One!

3 wheeled bikes

The way we hunt and move while hunting has changed by the innovation of electric hunting bikes, but it doesn’t stop there.

Hunters were used to riding around using ATV’s, but as everyone knows by now – that compromises stealth.

Electric hunting bikes, on the other hand, provide even better results, especially stealth results.

Now, if you don’t know by now, there’s even a 3 wheeled electric hunting bike which is (in my opinion) one of the best types of hunting bikes to tackle on any terrain.

This is the go-to post that you can use to remind yourself of the possibilities and even refer someone who isn’t aware of 3 wheeled beast that is changing the way you hunt.

3 Wheeled Electric Hunting Bike?

3 wheeled bike

Electric hunting bikes are one of the best things that could happen to a hunter, and if you’re embracing the latest innovations – you’re already at an advantage.

As mentioned earlier, ATV’s were pretty good at tackling any terrain, but they’re extremely noisy. While electric hunting bikes are the best option so far – wait until you hear about 3 wheeled bikes.

So why 3 wheeled electric hunting bike you might wonder?

Other than tackling the most demanding terrains, 3 wheeled bikes offer an year use, while regular ebikes can get sidelined in the snow,  a fat tire bike with 2 front wheels is good all year round because even in snow the front wheel won’t wash out underneath you because there are two.

There is no doubt that 3 wheeled electric hunting bikes can offer both stealth and the ability to tackle pretty much any terrain type. And as a hunter, having a vehicle that can do both is really important.

And not only 3 wheeled bikes look very sick, but they’re pretty lightweight for a bike of such type. It’s for sure the most unique bike type out there.

If you’re looking for a powerful all-terrain electric hunting bike, a 3 wheeled fat tire electric hunting bike would be an excellent choice.

What’s so great about such innovative hunting bikes is that you won’t only be able to tackle any terrain you come across, no matter how difficult it is – but you’ll be able to move in any weather. Yes, that means you’ll be able to even ride in the snow without any difficulties – with your equipment attached to your bike!

We’ve really loved how 3 wheeled bikes such as Rungu Juggernaut offers ease of mind. You’ll never find yourself doubting the route you’re taking.

Advantages and Why Do You Need to Get One

3 wheeled bikes

Even if you didn’t know anything about 3 wheeled bikes by now, you’ll probably know that one of the biggest advantages is the ability to tackle any terrain type, no matter how difficult it is.

But what most people don’t know is that 3 wheeled hunting bikes have the ability to handle steep grades with ease which is a great plus.

You will never have to slow down and yet you’ll be able to go wherever hunting takes you.

The reason 3 wheeled bikes are able to tackle almost anything you put in front of them is because of the way they’re designed. A combination of a lightweight yet durable frame, fat tires, and a powerful motor – you will never ask for anything else.

You’ll feel pretty confident loading up your bike or even attaching a single wheel cargo trailer.

Even though such bike type might seem and even feel bulky at first, you shouldn’t misunderstand it. 3 wheeled bikes come with a lot of torque produced by their mid drive motor.

However, something that doesn’t always come granted with electric hunting bikes is the comfort.  Such bike types are rugged and can handle almost anything, yet a combination of two front wheels and the suspensions makes rides much smoother.

And if your brain isn’t full of reasons you should get a 3 wheeled electric hunting bike, it’s easy. You get to move anywhere efficiently, in any weather, and even when you’re loaded with a lot of equipment without sacrificing stealth or comfort.

Rungu Juggernaut

Rungu electric juggernaut

Now, most of the hardcore hunters who have embraced the innovative ways of going hunting will be ready to purchase a 3 wheeled bike.

However, if you need a little bit more convincing – just having a quick look at the Rungu Juggernaut tells you everything.

It’s the most modern 3 wheeled bike you can get out there, and considering the price, it’s really worth every dollar it costs.

You might have seen plenty of electric hunting bikes, but Rungu Electric Juggernaut is nothing like other bikes.

When we look at the Rungu Electric Juggernaut, we see an all-terrain bike that is a must-have hunting bike if you want to worry about nothing other than how to take your prize home.

The biggest advantage it has are 26″ x 4.8″ fat tires that will pull you through the deepest mud and won’t even have a problem driving in the sand or snow.

But what most people don’t know about this bike is that it’s being hand-made in the USA. Only quality materials are used to build such bike and it’s built with extra precautions and then is tested in the harshest environments.

So if you go straight away and purchase this 3 wheeled hunting bike, you’ll be sure it’s never going to leave you stranded.

We highly recommend you combine this hunting bike with a folding solar panel, but if you don’t, you’ll still be good to go for about 20 miles at speeds of 22 miles per hour.

And with the help of the digital display, you’ll be able to haul all your gear and go anywhere while always knowing your speed, output power, and the remaining percentage of the battery.

As comfortable as it gets, we believe it can’t get better – at least until the new technology is invented.


Technology moves quickly and so are the electric hunting bikes being expanded.

This is one of the bulkiest yet the strongest electric hunting bikes which are made to go anywhere where you want it to go.

But believe us, even if you don’t take Rungu Juggernaut in consideration, the market will soon be blown with 3 wheeled electric hunting bikes and they might even outlive two-wheeled hunting bikes too.

So how do you like the first electric bike with two front wheels?