How Useful is an eBike Extra Battery?


Electric bikes come with a better range than ever before, yet you might still find that the market is full of external batteries that can be used to expand the eBike’s range.

But how useful is an eBike extra battery and how convenient is it when you’re on the go? External eBike batteries are definitely a thing since they’re manufactured and provided by some of the top eBike manufacturers.

With the many benefits they bring, it’s definitely a no-brainer decision if you’re using your eBike often. External eBike batteries are especially useful for hunters who don’t have to worry about range anxiety ever again.

And if you’re looking to find out how useful an eBike extra battery is and even where to get one, keep on reading!

What’s the eBike’s Battery Average Range?


There are many factors that should be considered when estimating the eBike’s average range produced by the battery.

On average, quality hunting eBikes tend to have a battery that provides anywhere between 35 to 80 miles on a single charge.

Now, along with the battery’s size and capacity, you should also take the motor’s power into consideration. And on top of that, other factors such as weather conditions, terrain type, and the rider’s weight or weight you store and haul on your eBike or its cargo trailer can determine eBike’s average range.

Lastly, even the way you ride an eBike can impact the range you can achieve. Most eBikes come with a pedal-assist system that can expand the battery’s range if you do the work, but if you only enjoy the power of an eBike using a throttle button, you’ll get fewer miles than if you used PAS.

Also, depending how much power you use on an eBike equipped with a throttle button can determine how far you’ll get on a single charge.

Benefits of an eBike Extra Battery Pack


With so many things and factors you should take into consideration before you set on a ride with your electric bike, an extra battery pack definitely makes more sense.

Not only does an extra battery pack help you avoid range anxiety, but it can also help you double the range you achieve with your eBike so you don’t have to carry your charger, worry if you’ll have enough range to make it back, or if your range will drastically reduce due to the weather conditions.

Colder weather and temperatures can drain the battery much faster which is also something that you should account for and yet bringing an extra battery pack, even just in case situations, can save you from having to pedal your way back home.

The best way to look at an extra battery pack is as the ability to go one way with your current battery pack, and then when you want to go back, you can switch the battery with a full extra battery pack and start heading home.

This way, you will feel at ease without having to worry about the range left since you’ll have a fully charged battery ready.

How Difficult is it to Switch an eBike Battery?


How difficult it is to switch an eBike battery will solely depend on the eBike’s model.

Most electric bikes come with batteries that are easy to detach which doesn’t only help you swap the battery with an extra battery pack, but also carries the battery inside the home to fully charge it in a room temperature.

Therefore, most batteries have a small lock so you will have to use the key to pop the battery out, so no one else can take your battery out but you.

Unfortunately, some electric bikes for off-road and rugged rides come with an integrated battery inside the frame. This type of battery provides its benefits when it comes down to ruggedness and reliability, but on the downside, you won’t be able to pop it out and use an external eBike extra battery.

The best way to find if your electric bike can be used with an extra battery pack is to check and see if the eBike’s manufacturer is selling external battery packs themself.

If yes, this is a good sign that you can purchase and replace a battery whenever you’re on the go to expand the eBike’s range.

How to Get an eBike Extra Battery Pack?


The best way to get an extra battery pack for your electric bike is to see if the eBike’s manufacturer is producing and selling extra battery packs.

This will ensure compatibility and you’ll know for sure if your eBike’s battery can be easily popped out and even replaced with an extra battery pack.

However, you can also check quality eBike retailers to see if they’re selling universal battery packs, as they’ll most likely sell extra battery packs for the eBike’s they sell. One of those eBike retailers is eBikeGeneration which sells extra battery packs for brands such as Bakcou, Rambo, Emojo, Bam, and others.

If you already have an electric bike that doesn’t seem to be compatible with an extra battery pack or you can’t pop it out, there are still options you can consider.

One of the options is getting a solar eBike charger or a battery bank that can be connected to the existing battery to charge it even if you’re on the go.

Even though external eBike batteries are an investment, they’re really worth the money since they double your eBike’s range capacity.


eBike extra battery pack is very useful and is very well worth the investment since you’ll never have to worry about the range ever again.

But most importantly, an extra battery pack can save you time and effort if you ever get stuck when your battery runs out. Instead of pedaling back, it’ll only take you a minute to swap out the battery and keep going.

With the ability to double the eBike’s range and a couple of additional benefits, if you can find an external battery pack for your eBike, it’s a no-brainer decision that’ll definitely pay off in the long run and you’ll never want to go back to riding without one!

What do you think about eBike extra battery packs? Do you always go on a ride with one?