Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners


Deer hunting is the most popular and the most common hunter’s choice and if you are a beginner or you’re looking to improve your deer hunting game – this is the right article for you. In this article, we’ll list deer hunting tips for beginners which are ideal for almost every hunter out there.

In case you know most of these things, it’s never a bad idea to remind yourself – in case you’ve been missing a tip or two.

And we believe, most of these tips will help you learn how to deer hunt when it comes down to a proper technique.

So let’s jump straight into it, and by the time you’re done reading this post – you will feel like you’ve been deer hunting for years.

Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners


Down below, you will be able to find some of the most common tips, including some of the most basic ones – however, there are a few gems that might not be known by some intermediate hunters.

So let’s start.

Hunt With the Wind

Not many hunters know that they can take advantage of the wind by hunting with the wind. Wind can help deer smell your scent from a far distance, and in some cases, scent blocking soaps just won’t be efficient.

You don’t want a deer to catch a smell of your scent. Sooner than you know it, it might be all over – leaving you empty-handed.

This is the one of the best whitetail deer hunting tips you could get if you’re a whitetail deer hunter.

Be a Scout

If you have the time and the resources, you should definitely be a scout and scout your hunting block.

In order to do this properly, you should have access to your hunting block and you should do it before any deer activity.

If you do this successfully, you will be able to spot deer spots or places where animals cross – so you know exactly when and where to come back.

Check the Activity

In case you didn’t know, you should hunt deer when they’re the most active. There are two times of the day when deer is most active.

If you take advantage of this, you will be putting odds to your favor. It’s ideally to hunt deer before the dawn.

Golden Hour Myth


The hour before the dark is known to be the most productive time for hunters since deer feel safer to be in the open.

In case you’re all packed up inside your car at this time, you’re missing out big time. You should cover the places where deer come out to feed themselves for the best results.

Blend With the Environment


This one is definitely an obvious tip, but it goes a long way. You should always blend yourself with the environment with the help of camo clothing – but you shouldn’t forget to eliminate your scent as well.

Since deer might not be able to see you, but they’ll definitely be able to smell you.

Google Earth as Help


You might not have your private airplane to scout the hunting area, but there’s one free thing you can take advantage of – we’re talking about Google Earth.

Google Earth has the ability to give you the perfect aerial view. All you have to do is search for your hunting area and you’ll get a satellite image in no time.

You can take advantage out of this by finding out clearings you might not easily spot from the ground. You never know how many deer there might be.

Calibers Limitation

The first part of the deal is to find deer but the second part of the deal is scoring. You want to ensure you’re using a proper rifle suitable for the area you’re hunting in.

Also, knowing your calibers limitation is important since most rifles depend on a bullet placement that drops deer at around 100 to 200 yards only.

Bring Food

This tip is also a very obvious one, but many hunters get excited about their hunting trip that they forget to bring their food.

No matter how long you plan to stay – you should always have something simple prepared to enjoy. This will also fuel you along the way.

Coffee is something most hunters don’t go hunting without. And if you’re a coffee lover – you know what you have to do!

Minimal Movements

Sometimes, you might feel like you’re not moving quite a lot but even the smallest wrong move – and deer will spot you easily.

You should time the amount of time you need to get to your hunting blind, but also you should know when is the deer activity the highest so you can minimize your movements.

Before moving, you should plan each step ahead – and don’t forget to manage your breathing! Deer can easily sense if they’re in any kind of danger – so you better minimize your movements and plan every step ahead.

Shooting Paths

Hunting is more than just shooting. Even before the season, you should visit your hunting block and work on clearing the shooting paths.

Shooting paths are possible shooting lanes where you are clear to take a shot, either from a tree stand or a blind.

It’s always easier to do this in pairs as one can cut down the trees and the other can direct. Not many hunters do this – but this effort can increase the odds of taking your prize home.

The last thing you want to happen is ending stuck in a position where you can’t take a clear shot.


Deer hunting can be rewarding and fun, but you should never underestimate deer. In case you didn’t know, they have 7 glands that are primarily used for scent communication only.

Therefore, if you’re not taking things slow and doing the right moves – you will easily be busted. Deer can smell a hunter that isn’t trying to cover its scent from a quarter-mile away.

Some of these tips are very common but are still ideal for beginner deer hunters. On the other hand, there are quite a few tips that aren’t very known even among experienced hunters – so you better take the full advantage of this post.

If you’ve found any of these deer hunting tips for beginners useful – feel free to share the post or leave a comment down below!

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Are you a white tail deer hunter? Did you find any of these whitetail deer hunting tips useful?