Best Hunting eBikes for the Money


Finding the best hunting eBikes for the money isn’t hard, as long as you know what to look out for and how will these eBikes benefit you in the long run.

However, with so many quality picks on the market, it can be hard to make the decision. And that’s why, in this review, you’ll learn what makes the best hunting eBike but also see the best bits of 7 different models.

What Makes the Best Hunting eBike for the Money?


When you’re in a search for the best hunting eBike for the money, you’ll have to look out for the most important aspects that make a hunting eBike.

These aspects include:

Frame and build are important since electric hunting bikes are made to withstand the most demanding terrains, get you through the roughest and rockiest terrains, and make a huge difference over other transportation choices for hunters.

Therefore, a frame is often based on the mountain bike frame, yet it is reinforced to provide reliability and quality.

The motor is the second most important aspect to look at as not only you’ll get to choose between the power option, but also between the drive option.

In combination with the battery, you will be able to get an estimate of the eBike’s range and how much ground you can cover on a single charge. Therefore, a combination of a quality motor and a larger battery is always the best way to go.

Hunting eBikes almost always come with super wide fat tires that are made to handle any type of terrain, including the rockiest and the most unstable terrains you might have to cover. Essentially, a hunting eBike without this type of tire wouldn’t allow you to cover half the ground so you should pay attention to the type of tires the hunting eBike comes with.

Even though hunting eBikes don’t have a lot of components (since they’re still bikes), the components they have must be made of high quality. This won’t only provide better durability, but it will also help improve the quality of the eBike, allow it to push through the most demanding situations, and be the most reliable hunting vehicle you’ll ever own.

Hunting eBikes also come with additional accessories. Sometimes, it’s just fenders or a rack, but it can also be a hunting package that it even a cargo trailer, pannier bags, and more. These types of deals are very well worth it since you’ll get everything you need but also, you won’t ever have to worry about the storage on your eBike.

Hunting eBikes with a cargo trailer can even be used to recover game which sets them apart from any other vehicle used for hunting.

Best Hunting eBikes for the Money

Quality hunting eBikes are not hard to find, but they’re pricey and they’re an investment that you should carefully make. Therefore, these 8 best hunting eBikes for the money below will ensure you don’t make a wrong choice!

Bakcou Storm G2


If money isn’t an issue and yet you’re mostly concerned about getting the best deal for the money you spend on a hunting eBike, Bakcou Storm G2 is the number one pick.

This hunting eBike is made for hunters who spend most of the time in the open outdoors, far off the paths, and way beyond the trails most hunters use.

Storm G2 eBike is built to provide you a way of getting farther than ever before, but also ensuring reliability and even improving your hunting game along the way.

This eBike comes equipped with a powerful Bafang motor where you get to choose between 3 powering options; 500W, 700W, and a 1000W mid-drive motor with a torque sensor technology.

Battery-wise, this hunting eBike is equipped with a high-end Panasonic battery that also comes in 4 capacities so you get to choose between a 48V 17.4Ah, 19.2Ah, 21Ah, and a 25Ah battery.

Therefore, depending on the selection, you can get about 50 miles of range on a single charge. But the best thing about Storm G2 is that it comes with a full suspension system so you can go anywhere without sacrificing your comfort.

Attach a cargo trailer to the back, and you’ll even be able to recover your game from the most difficult locations you’d otherwise have to reach by foot.

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Bakcou Flatlander Hunter Package


Flatlander is yet another high-end hunting eBike from Bakcou that comes as a part of a hunting package for a very reasonable price which just sweetens the deal.

This hunting eBike comes with a Bafang 750W rear-hub motor in combination with a long-range Panasonic 48V battery where you get to choose between 17.4Ah, 19.2Ah, or 21Ah capacity. With such a combination, on a single charge, you can get at least 40 miles before another charge.

Equipped with high-end components such as Shimano Alivio hill-climbing 9-speed gearing system, and other robust components such as wide Maxxis tires and a front-fork air suspension, you can tackle down any terrain no matter the time of the year.

As a part of the hunting package, you’ll also get a trailer of your choice, trail-side repair kit, dual pannier bags, rear rack, and fenders.

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Quietkat Ranger


If you’re looking for a bit more affordable hunting eBike that still meets the high-end quality standard, Ranger is the best hunting eBike you can get.

Ranger is a hunting eBike that’s powered by a high-end Bafang hub-drive motor that is combined with a Panasonic 48V 11.6Ah battery.

What’s most significant about Ranger eBike is that it’s built with unique frame geometry so that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the eBike, but also for the motor to be placed lower to the ground for a better center of gravity.

This way, you can handle the rockiest terrains with ease and confidence, and worry less about whiplash. What’s also significant is that Ranger comes with a gearing system that allows you to switch between the 8-speed drivetrain and a single-speed drivetrain in only seconds to experience the versatility of this eBike.

With such ability to fit anyone’s needs, hunters also love Ranger front-fork air suspension, coil brakes, and even an integrated rear rack that allows you to easily attach a trailer and even recover game wherever you go hunting.

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Quietkat Voyager


Transporting an eBike can be a hassle so if you’re looking for the best yet most compact eBike you can get for the money, Quietkat Voyager should be your number one choice.

Voyager is a foldable hunting eBike that is based on a folding bike frame, yet is reinforced to withstand hunting needs and conditions.

It’s equipped with a 750W motor in combination with a 48V, 11.6Ah battery so, on a single charge, you can achieve up to 50 miles.

Just like all other hunting eBikes based on mountain bikes, Voyager comes equipped with high-end components such as mechanical disc brakes, front-fork coil suspension, SRAM 7-speed gearing system, and even 4″ wide tires that can go over anything.

Most importantly, Voyager eBike is as durable as any other high-end eBike. It only weighs 54 lbs, and yet it can handle the capacity of up to 325 lbs. This includes a rider but also means that you can attach a cargo trailer and pull plenty of weight behind you.

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Bakcou Mule Step-Through


Electric hunting bikes are constantly getting upgraded and if you’re looking for the latest technology in the industry, Mule step-through eBike is a perfect choice.

This hunting eBike is based on the revolutionary Smart Torque-Sensing motor technology that allows you to get anywhere between 750W and 1000W from the motor, depending on the way you use this eBike.

It’s equipped with a Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor in combination with a Panasonic 48V battery where you also get to choose capacity between 14.5Ah, 17.4Ah, or 21Ah.

Therefore, on a single charge, you can get at least 40 miles thanks to this technology which won’t drain the battery yet will work with you to prolong it and help you cover a much better range.

From other components, Mule step-through includes Shimano Alivio hill-climbing 9-speed gearing system, and even comfort upgrades such as an SR Sport saddle, 4″ wide tires, and BCEB GT MRK air force front-fork suspension to keep you comfortable at all times.

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Rambo Nomad 750W


Rambo Nomad is the go-to hunting eBike if you’re looking to explore the wilderness, take things further, never stop when other hunters stop and always be improving your hunting game.

This hunting eBike is equipped with a powerful Bafang high-torque mid-drive motor in combination with a Samsung 48V 14Ah battery. Such a combination provides you with a range of 19 miles on a single charge if you use a thumb throttle at all times.

Thanks to the pedal assist, you can expand the range and achieve anywhere between 40 to 50 miles on a single charge.

Power and range are there, so for the extra bit of comfort, Nomad comes with Maxxis Minion 4″ wide tires, Tektro hydraulic brakes, and GT MRK 860 air suspension.

On top of that, you also get additional accessories such as a rear rack and front & rear fenders so you’re ready to conquer any terrain you come across on your hunts.

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Rambo 750 24″


If you need a hunting eBike with a lower standover height yet a hunting eBike that can still perform as larger hunting eBikes, Rambo 750 is the right choice.

This eBike is based on 24″ wheels and a lower frame that makes the stand-over height only 26.5″. Even if you’re not in a need of a smaller hunting eBike, you can still benefit from a smaller eBike since it can help you to get on and off the eBike easier.

Regardless, Rambo 750 comes equipped with a powerful Bafang BBS02 high-torque mid-drive motor in combination with Samsung’s high-capacity battery. On a single charge, you can expect a range of about 35 miles and yet you’ll still have enough power to get through the rockiest terrains with ease.

Even though Rambo 750 comes equipped with 24″ wheels, it still comes with fat anti-puncture tires that won’t leave you stranded no matter how deep you go into the wilderness.

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Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition


When money isn’t a problem and you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes down to stability and hunting eBike technology, the Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition is worth the mention.

This ultimate hunting eBike comes equipped with a Bafang 1120W mid-drive motor in combination with two 52V 15Ah (30Ah total) batteries.

This way, XR Rubicon eBike can handle the power and yet provide an incredible range at all times, regardless of how much you rely on the thumb throttle or full power.

With dual wheels at the front, this hunting eBike is not unique, but it’s also a lot easier to handle, easier to ride in rockiest terrains, and a lot more stable in all conditions, even when used under full power.

Equipped with ultra-wide 4.8″ tires, you can get over the biggest obstacles without much trouble which is just one of many advantages this eBike provides.

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Finding a high-end quality eBike that will provide much more value than what you pay for is not hard to find, as long as you know what you’re looking at.

In this post, not only did you learn what to look out for in a quality hunting eBike, but you also know exactly which models you should be looking at.

Depending on your hunting needs and preference, at least one of these 7 best hunting eBikes for the money will fit your needs and do a better job than any other hunting vehicle could.

What is your favorite hunting eBike for the money and why?