Newest Quietkat Bike Reviews


Quietkat is one of the top electric hunting bike manufacturers and the chances are you’ve come across some of its top models.

This manufacturer produces top-quality electric hunting bikes. Now, they’re definitely not the cheapest electric bikes on the market, but they’re one of the best eBikes you can get for the money.

But one of the best things about Quietkat is that they’re continuously working on improving their eBikes and providing some of the best electric bikes on the market.

Quietkat electric bikes are also very popular among hunters and if you’re looking to learn more about Quietkat, its latest lineup, and some of its best models – you’re in the right place, so keep on reading to find the best Quietkat bike reviews.

Who are Quietkat eBikes for?


Quietkat eBikes are for everyone who wants the top performance, top quality, reliability, and the best electric bike they can get for the money.

Whether you’re looking for an electric bike to run errands in the town, to commute to work, explore the off-road paths, go deep in the wilderness, or even hunt with an eBike – Quietkat eBike is the right choice.

Quietkat electric bikes are built in a way to provide many advantages so they are all-purpose eBikes and with the durable yet lightweight construction in combination with wide tires, reaching locations you haven’t been able to reach before is now a possibility.

With the wide range of available eBike models, Quietkat eBikes fit anyone from adults (both genders), to seniors, veterans, and even kids.

Benefits of 2021 Quietkat eBikeseverything-to-know-about-quietkat


Quietkat eBikes are essentially built by hunters for all needs and therefore, the biggest benefits and the biggest advantages come to the hunters who rely on Quietkat eBikes.

However, Quietkat eBikes are all-purpose eBikes that can help you go farther, move without making any noise, stay on the move without relying on a motorized vehicle or gas, carry extra gear, and even reach unspoiled spots.

With the suspension, tires, and durable build, Quietkat eBikes can take you practically anywhere, and these eBikes can allow you to go way beyond the ends of the trails.

Therefore, some of the best benefits are quality, reliability, and convenience. However, Quietkat eBikes are also environmentally friendly and they’re very easy to maintain which means that you can actually save money while riding any of the Quietkat eBikes.

Also, with top components and even anti-puncture tires that come with some eBike models, you can rest assured that you will be able to travel farther and always return home.

All Quietkat eBikes also come with integrated display units that will help you manage your battery even when you’re having fun and using eBike’s full power.

There are all sorts of benefits you can experience and they’ll mostly depend on the way you ride the eBike and your purpose of using an eBike.

Newest Quietkat Bike Reviews

While all Quietkat bikes are built with quality in mind, the latest and the newest models always surprise us with improvements. Therefore, if you aren’t on a tight budget and you’re looking for quality, any of these 5 Quietkat eBikes below can make a great choice for your needs!

Quiekat Ranger


2021 Quietkat Ranger is a very versatile eBike full of features that will fit many needs and yet won’t break the bank.

When it comes down to the power, you get to choose between a 750W and a 1000W motor. Battery-wise, Ranger comes with an 11.6Ah 48V Panasonic battery.

However, the biggest improvement is the frame geometry which improves weight distribution to provide better riding quality, better balance, and fewer wipeouts.

Of course, Ranger didn’t get the name for its top components. Instead, it got its name by being able to conquer land, mountains, forests, and be the authority in various terrain types.

What’s also very great about Ranger is that it comes with an adjustable wheelbase thanks to the adjustable dropouts so you can even run a single-speed drivetrain for simple commutes.

Ranger is also equipped with an adjustable suspension, an 8-speed drive train that lets you climb up any hill in any terrain, and mechanical disc brakes that will provide enough stopping power that you don’t have to worry about going down the steepest hills.

2021 Ranger version is a big improvement since all of the stock components got an upgrade, and yet the simple but reliable hub-drive motor is more than enough to handle all common riding situations and rider’s needs.

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Quietkat RidgeRunner Full-Suspension eBike


When you love mountain biking and you need a powerful, versatile, and comfortable eBike that will help you tackle downhills, tough terrains, and most importantly, crazy downhills – RidgeRunner is the best choice.

RidgeRunner is a powerful full-suspension eBike equipped with a Bafang Ultra mid-drive 1000W motor that can produce about 1600 watts of power at its peak.

Torque-wise, this means that you can get 160 nm of torque directly to your wheels at any given time. Even though RidgeRunner is a very versatile eBike, it’s made to conquer tough terrain and backcountry roads. In other words, RidgeRunner is ready to explore all the narrow paths and dirt roads that surround you.

Fire-Link suspension system comes with a four-bar linkage so you have incredible traction at all times, regardless of the type of terrain.

In combination with 4 piston hydraulic brakes, you will have plenty of stopping power to control your descents.

Even though RidgeRunner comes with 26″ wheels, you can easily upgrade the wheels to 29″ as Quietkat wisely built the RidgeRunner’s frame.

Tire-wise, you will be more than happy with the ultra-wide 4.8″ fat tires that help you move through mud, snow, sand, or dirt no matter the location.

On a single charge, RidgerRunner can cover up to 64 miles, and if you ever want to ride this eBike on the road, you can easily program the motor to comply with the 750W class type which ensures that this eBike is road-legal.

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Quietkat Voyager Folding eBike


If you need a very versatile eBike that you can fold, easily transport, and yet use to explore both local roads and off-roads, Voyager is a perfect choice.

Voyager is a very unique folding eBike that is made for extreme portability thanks to the folding frame and the steering column. This way, you can easily transport this eBike in your car to the desired destination.

With a 750W hub-motor and a 7-speed drive train that’s combined with 20″ x 4″ wide tires, you can park your car, unfold the Voyager, and go farther than you’ve ever been before.

Battery-wise, Voyager eBike is equipped with a standard 11.6Ah 48V battery. On a single charge, you can cover up to 48 miles without ever wondering if you’ll have enough range left to get to your starting point.

What’s unique about Voyager is that even though it’s a folding bike, it’s not a folding bike that’s limited to city or commuting use only. Instead, it is a folding eBike capable of taking off-road paths and trails thanks to the coil suspension.

A hub-driven 7-speed drivetrain can be easily converted into a single-speed drive so you can maintain this folding eBike a lot more easily, depending on the use.

Equipped with mechanical disc brakes, you’ll be able to control the Voyager in any terrain and in any setting.

While portability might be the best advantage, versatility is another benefit you can consider. Whether you’re ready to explore the wilderness or you just need a reliable eBike to run errands – Voyager makes a great choice!

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Quietkat Apex Hunter Package


If you’re looking for the best hunting electric bike, Quietkat Apex is probably a great choice. Not only does it come as a part of the hunter package that includes everything you might need for your hunt, but the Apex eBike on its own is a great choice, and here’s why.

Apex is a very popular eBike among hunters because it has a robust yet lightweight frame, an integrated battery that can hardly get damaged, an integrated mid-drive hub motor, and it includes top components that will help you to keep pushing no matter where you are.

Another great advantage of Apex is that it comes in a couple of power options so you get to choose between a 750W, 1000W, or even a 1500W motor.

Not only do you get to choose a motor, but you also get to choose the battery. The choice you have is either a 17.5Ah 52V battery or a 14.5Ah 48V battery which is meant to be combined with a 1500W motor.

Equipped with a QK 150mm inverted air suspension fork and a Kenda Juggernaut 4.5″ fat tires, this eBike is ready to help you hunt in any terrain and in any weather condition.

The loading capacity is 325 lbs while the eBike weighs only 71 lbs. This is perfect because Apex comes as a part of a hunting package that also includes a two-wheel cargo trailer, rifle/bow holder, fenders, and a single-bag pannier.

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Quietkat Villager Urban


If you don’t need the most advanced eBike for hunting or off-road adventures, yet you’re looking for an eBike that you can use within the city, for regular commutes, or for urban rides – Villager Urban is the perfect eBike.

Villager Urban is a 500W eBike that comes with an 11.6Ah 48V battery which allows you to cover up to 40 miles on a single charge. Even though it’s not Quietkat’s most powerful eBike, it’s still a specced out eBike that is will fit many different needs.

Based on a low step-through frame and 3″ wide street tires, Villager is made for everything from flat roads to paths, dirt roads, resorts, or even trips around your local lake.

With enough power, easy access, and convenience, Villager also comes equipped with a 7-speed Shimano gearing system that can pull you up the hill, but also ensure safe downhill rides with the help of Tektro mechanical disc brakes.

On top of that, Villager eBike is a lot lighter than the most average Quietkat eBike, weighing only 50 lbs while the loading capacity is still Quietkat’s standard – 325 lbs. This shows how durable Villager is and that you can really put it to some good use, even if you are only running errands around the town.

The 500W motor is a smart choice since it fits the Class 2 category, but Quietkat also gives you the option to remove the throttle (if needed to comply with your state’s eBike law).

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Best Way to Finance Newest Quietkat eBikes


Quietkat produces some of the best eBikes for all purposes and while they’re highly convenient and made with quality in mind, the truth is that they’re not very cheap.

However, they’re a great investment and the price difference between getting an average eBike or getting a top-notch Quietkat bike is not that big that you should save money there.

But if you decide to purchase any Quietkat eBike, finding a decent retailer is crucial. Best Quietkat eBike retailers such as eBikeGeneration offer financing plans where you can pay monthly with 0% interest and yet you get the eBike delivered as soon as possible.

eBikeGeneration offers a couple of different financing plans and they’re relatively easy to secure, you have plenty of choices, and yet they can help you finance an eBike. With a 0% interest rate, this is a smart option even if you have the money saved for your new eBike purchase.

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These are some of the best Quietkat eBikes in the newest lineup that you can pre-order and receive relatively soon.

With plenty of choice and different price ranges, plus a quality retailer that offers very convenient pricing plans – there’s no reason not to invest in a quality eBike that will serve you for years to come.

If you’ve already decided to purchase an eBike, saving on the purchase and not getting a quality eBike can only do more bad than good in the long run, and eventually even end up costing you more.

Therefore, we hope that these Quietkat bike reviews are more than enough to make the right choice!

What is your favorite Quietkat eBike and why?