Rambo Bikes 750 C26 [Review]


A Detailed Review of the Rambo 750 C26

If you’re a biker who’s interested in hunting, fishing and mountain biking or maybe an adventurous wildlife photographer, not afraid to take on his bike and make every moment count even in the harshest conditions, then you’re looking at the right product to back you up in your journey.


The Rambo 750 C26 will guarantee you a safe and enjoyable experience.



What’s the Rambo 750 C26?

It’s an electric bike or an e-bike, that’s designed primarily for heavy-duty outdoor activities.

With a mid-drive motor, internal gear system and fat tires, the Rambo 750 is bulletproof and has some other pretty cool features for off-road purposes.

Specifications We Love About the Rambo 750

The Rambo 750 C26 is a Bafang BBS 02 high torque, mid-drive motor with 750 watts of power but it can definitely top that with pedal assist. It has a range of 19 mph with throttle and much more with pedal assist as well.


A strong bike like this can jump up trails and carry quite a lot of weight if you’ve got extra loads along like you’re hunting tools, photography gear, etc.


The control and balance of this bike are quite well thought of. The motor and the battery, together with the rider when the bike is in use, are all centered in the middle so you can keep your balance off-road in any situation.


The 750 has got some nice fat tires with a super grip. And anyone who has tried these types of tires before knows how valuable they are in loose terrains like mud, snow, and sand in comparison to the ordinary, thinner tires.


To cover all the pits and craters of this bike, let’s break it into three parts: the drivetrain system, the mechanical system, and the electronic system.

The Drivetrain System

The Rambo 750 has a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub as an internal gearing system, substituting the down hanging derailleur to switch gears, which is a special change done by Rambo to make this bike more durable, able to handle more torque and doesn’t bang around very easily. It’s also more practical, neat and clean from any dirt on the road.  If you want to read up a little more on the differences between the 3 speed internal gearing vs the typical derailleur I wrote this comparison article recently.


Moving on to the chainrings, the 750 has a 32 tooth front chainring with a metal guard on one side. This guard can help protect you from some minor dust but don’t expect too much.


At the front of the bike, you’ll find a rigid rustproof aluminum 26 x 4 inches front fork with no compression, due to the cushion effect provided by the 26 x 4 inches Kenda anti-puncture fat tires.


On the crown of the fork, you can find some attachment points for fenders. There are also bottle cage bosses on the underside of the bike to accommodate fenders as well to prevent rain/snow water, mud, sand, rocks or anything on the ground from being splashed in the air by the bike tires.

Mechanical System

One of the best features in this system is the 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels. The hydraulic disc brakes have 2 pistons that clamp in with pads and on to the 180 mm rotors, thus creating a great stopping power.


The greatest thing about this feature is that the bike doesn’t need so much distance to stop when you’re riding. This comes in handy particularly with heavy bikes like your Rambo 750, especially if you’ve got extra baggage.


Other features in this section include the magnet sensor, which counts the speed rotations, the kickstand, which is mounted away from the center to make it easier to park with an angle on a hill for example, and 170 mm cranks with Necco metal pedals, which have reflectors on them and some knobs on the platform to secure your shoes on the pedals and decrease slippage.


There’s also the solid seat post and the 48 V, 10.4 AH battery. At the bottom of the battery, there’s a little button with 4 bars that lets you know your battery status/life when pressed.

The battery is mounted on a rubber part that protects it from any injury along steep or rather dangerous trails.


Getting the battery out is also pretty easy. All you have to do is twist the key and pull the battery up and out. That’s all.

Electrical System

Moving on to the electrical system, there’s a remote grip attachment that – when pressed – shows a grayscale display of the basic info you need to keep track of things like how fast you’re going, your battery level and pedal assist, which can be controlled by up and down arrows.


At the bottom of the screen, there’s a trip set. This shows a timer, an odometer, and a maximum speed indicator.


The pedal assist (PAS) level is a cadence based pedal assist with five levels of assist. Every time you pedal and turn the cranks, you’ll engage the pedal assist level and by pressing the thumb throttle, the back wheel will spin and the bike will kick into gear.


There’s also the gear shifter for the internal Sturmey Archer. Pulling or pushing them ensures a smooth gears switch.

Finally, there are some small connectors that power the electric system. They send signals to the motor, shutting the power off from the eBike as you press the brakes. There’s another connector for the display itself and the remote attachment.

Less Attractive features

Although Rambo 750 has many wonderful strength points, it has some less attractive features.

  • The Rambo 750 is much heavier than average bikes and even mountain bikes. It weighs around 59-63 lbs.
  • It’s not very budget-friendly
  • It doesn’t have a suspension seat post, so the rider has to stand up on the pedals sometimes while going over the thick stuff to avoid hitting and hurting his back.
  • The gear shifter for the Sturmey Archer needs to be moved around to do the work and thus takes a bit of time to do the shift
  • The seat post doesn’t have impressive features like the springs coming out or a port to get the air movement

Who Is the Rambo 750 C26 for?

Mountain bikers, cross-country trek bikers and wildlife photographers and many others enjoy this strong bike but hunters are probably the ones who get the most benefits out of this bike’s features.

Why is the Rambo 750 a Game Changer for Hunters?

  • Its high torque electric motor is quieter compared to other bike motors, which is a great feature for hunters when stalking is needed
  • The 19 mph (and more with pedal assist) range is quite reliable and practical to sustain a chase in wider areas
  • The 750 can carry up to almost 300 lbs which come in handy for hunters who carry lots of tools

All in All

The Rambo 750 C26 is a pretty strong and versatile bike that can be useful for many adventurous bikers who ride on difficult trails.


It’s a comfortable bike with fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes and a great motor placed in the right place (at the center) to offer a good balance and control.


So if you have the budget for it, consider getting yourself a nice Rambo 750 and muddy/sticky trails won’t stand in the way of some of your life’s best adventures!