How to Clean Your Ebike

How to Clean Your Ebike

Your electric bike is a precious vehicle that deserves to be well taken care of. I’ve been around machines all my life, and I can tell you that any pampering you offer them, they give it back in multiples, starting with your safety all the way to smooth performance and no downtime.


Cleaning your Ebike is more than maintaining its looks. Dirt accumulation in your braking system, the different electronic parts, or batteries could compromise your safety. This is a step by step guide to show you how to clean your Ebike and keep it in top condition.

How Often do you Need to Clean your Ebike?

The place where you usually ride is the primary factor here, how often you use your bike will also imply the frequency of its sprucing.


A city bike that you use every now and then would probably need occasional dusting, and a good clean up once a month.


This won’t be sufficient however for a mountain Ebike. Mud, snow, and other rough terrain debris that get caught in the bike, and it needs to be routinely brushed off. A good rinse once a week might be necessary for that kind of usage.


The seasons also play an important part. You’d need to clean it up more often in winter than in summer. In good weather, once a month should be good.

Where can you Clean your Ebike?

Ebikes have electronic parts, so you wouldn’t be using plenty of water for cleaning. A well-used bike would mostly have mud everywhere so be prepared for dealing with a little mess.


The backyard is a perfect spot, and so is the front yard or any part of your garden. The garage is also is a good choice, and you can hose down the mud and debris afterward.


You need a place that has access to water and provides you with enough room so you can maintain your bike without tripping over anything.

The Cleaning Kit

You’d need a few items to effectively clean your Ebike. Here are the basic things:


  • A bucket with lukewarm water
  • A regular water hose
  • A set of brushes
  • Cotton cloth for drying
  • Sponges
  • Mild soap
  • Silicon spray
  • Gear lubricant
  • Any additional products mentioned in the user’s manual

How to Clean your Ebike

Cleaning your bike is really a simple procedure, now that you prepared the cleaning kit, take your bike to a suitable area and start sprucing it up.

First Things First

Read your e-bike user’s manual carefully, they usually layout the recommended procedure and preferred cleaning products. The manual would also explain in detail how to disconnect your battery and display panel. You need to do both steps before you start cleaning your bike.


Some manufacturers claim that the bike is fully waterproof, so you can leave the battery in place, but we’d rather err on the side of caution. With electric circuits, less contact with water is more functionality.


Sometimes the display and electronic switch don’t come off, so you need to cover them with plastic wrap and cotton cloth. Do the same for the battery connectors and motor.

You Don’t Need to do This

You don’t need a high-pressure water hose or a power washer to wash your Ebike, actually, these products can seriously harm your bike. Water can get inside the electric motor and short it, or it can push the dirt where it shouldn’t go, which would compromise the functions of the bike, and even your own safety.


Don’t turn your bike upside down. Some sources recommend this position for a steadier balance, but it increases the probability of water getting inside the motor. Just let the bike stand normally, or lean it on a sturdy object if you have to.

How to Clean the Main Parts

Use a damp – not wet – piece of cotton cloth to clean the frame. Use a suitable brush to remove the dirt from the pedals, gears, chain, and brake system. The brushes come in various shapes and sizes to help you in reaching all the nooks and crannies.


Chains need a more elaborate procedure to maintain, use a degreaser to clean it and then a proper lube. Take care to dispose of the degreaser properly, it’s a chemical that shouldn’t be thrown off in the regular drain.


The tires are the only spot where a regular water hose could be useful, and even then, be careful to only hose down the tires. You can also use a sponge and a bucket to achieve the same result.

Finishing Touches

You need to shake off the water clinging to your Ebike, so bounce it up and down a couple of times. Use a cotton cloth to dry out all the surfaces. Make sure that the battery compartment and connectors are squeaky clean.


Don’t leave your bike to drip and dry out in the air, even if it’s a sunny day. You need to make sure that no water could sneak into the motor or any other electronic circuits. Drying it manually would only take a moment, but it’s a smart move. Any traces of humidity will soon gather dust and it’ll look unsightly in no time at all.


Silicon spray is a water repellent and spreading it over the various surfaces of your Ebike would ensure its dryness. Don’t spray the silicone straight onto your bike though, if it gets into your brake system, it’d spoil it.


Spray the silicone on a dry cloth and wipe the bike with it. It’ll also leave a shine on the bike’s frame. Your bike will look so glamourous with that little trick.


Lubricate the gears and chain, and maintain the brakes system as indicated in the user’s manual.

Putting Everything Together

You can remove the plastic wrap now from around the motor, switch, display panel, and battery connectors. Use a slightly damp cloth to remove the dirt from these spots, and then wipe them with a little silicone sprayed on a cotton cloth.


You can reconnect your battery at this point, and you’re good to go. It’s better to take the Ebike on a test drive around the block. You can monitor the bike’s performance and iron out any wrinkles before you hit the road.

Some Parting Thoughts

Cleaning your Ebike is really easy, and it doesn’t take that much time or excessive effort. I see this task not as a chore but as a labor of love.


Taking care of your equipment is a highly satisfying job, and it pays off in the bike’s stellar performance and your own safety.