Deer Hunting With Dogs


Deer hunting is one of the most common prey hunters are after, but did you ever see a hunter bring their dog to a group hunt?

Is it even possible to go deer hunting with dogs? How efficient is it to bring a hunting dog and what benefits can you expect?

If you’re curious about hunting dogs or even if you’re thinking of getting a deer hunting dog, you’re in the right place!

Down below, you’ll find everything you need to know about hunting deer with the help of a hunting dog, but also what dog breeds fit this purpose the best, so keep on reading!

Can You Go Deer Hunting With Dogs?


Some hunters believe that hunting for deer with the help of a dog doesn’t have any benefits and that a hunting dog is unnecessary for such hunting situations.

However, this is not right as hunting for deer in wooded and dense areas can be difficult and yet a hunting dog can help you spot deer. On the other hand, if you only rely on tree stands, hunting blinds, or slow hunting, you’ll have a hard time hunting in such conditions. Therefore, that’s exactly where a hunting dog can help you hunt for deer.

Best Dogs for Deer Hunting

There is plenty of dog breeds ideal for hunting while most of them have been bred specifically for hunting purposes. Down below, you’ll find the top 5 dog breeds that will make an ideal deer-hunting dog.

1. Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retrievers are known as duck hunters, but not many people know that Labrador Retrievers are actually perfect deer-hunting dogs.

They’re very intelligent, they love helping out hunters when they’re properly trained, they love the amount of exercise they can get from hunting, and they’re very enthusiastic.

What’s even better yet is that Labrador Retrievers are an ideal size (not too small and not too large), and yet they can almost withstand any type of weather conditions. This means that you can even go hunting near cold waters in winter and Labrador Retriever will be happy to be by your side without having any issues withstanding the cold weather or even cold water (if needed).

As dogs, Labrador Retriever is very friendly, loves being outside, and meeting new people, and is high-spirited meaning that they’ll be enthusiastic about anything their owner is enthusiastic about.

2.  Plott Hounds


Plott Hounds make an ideal deer hunting dog because they’re very athletic and agile, plus they love navigating the dense woods since they find it fun and that’s exactly what you’d want from a deer hunting dog.

Therefore, Plott Hounds are ideal for locating and targeting deer no matter how dense the wood is, yet at the same time, they make very friendly dogs at home. They can be your best friend and become a part of your family while still being an ideal hunting companion.

What also stands out is that Plott Hounds are able to hold and find scent quickly and efficiently and yet their loud barks will always help you follow and find deer with their help.

3. Beagle


Beagle is on the smaller side of hunting dogs yet still make a great deer-hunting dog choice because Beagles are very efficient at finding and locating deer thanks to their scent-tracking skills.

Considered to have one of the best noses in the whole world, you shouldn’t discard them as your future deer hunting dog due to their small posture. They’re still agile and their size helps them quickly navigate densely wooded areas.

Beagle is also a pack dog type so you can take it to hunt with other hunters and other hunting dogs without them being in the way.

At home, Beagles are very family-oriented, happy, and active dogs that will keep everyone entertained.

4. American Foxhound


If you’re looking for a deer-hunting dog that won’t ever stop and yet will be able to keep up, American Foxhound is the best choice.

American Foxhound’s strength and stamina are well combined with their excellent sense of smell so their characteristics are definitely making them ideal for quick-paced deer hunting in the woods.

With long legs, athletic bodies, and great speed, they can hunt alone or in a pack and they’ll most likely chase deer all day long until they get exhausted which is when they have to stop. But other than them losing their stamina, you won’t ever have to tell them twice to do their job as they love it and will do it as long as they have energy.

At home, American Foxhounds love spending time with family, are friendly, and get along with other pets, especially children so they also make a great family dog!

5. English Setter


Even though English Setters can look like cute and soft dogs due to their silky coat and big head, they’re actually great deer hunters.

Thanks to their great running skills that are well combined with pointing skills, they are able to just take off the moment you let them and work their way in precisely locating the deer (or any game at all).

However, they’re also super intelligent and will walk next to you as long as you need them with you and before it’s action time.

At home, English Setters is mild-mannered, sensitive, and loves giving and receiving affection which makes it ideal for any type of environment.


Deer hunting with dogs can actually help hunters improve their hunting game and have a different approach that can provide many more benefits.

Any of these top 5 deer hunting dog breeds make an ideal deer hunting dog breed due to their characteristics and personality.

It’s up to you to find out which one would you prefer as a dog since each one of these has more advantages and slight disadvantages you should research before making a decision.

What is your favorite deer hunting dog breed and why? Did you ever hunt deer with help from a hunting dog?