Are Beagles Good Hunting Dogs?


Beagles are known as one of the top breeds for hunting, and of course, but the chances are you’ve heard that beagles are pretty disobedient.

So are beagles good hunting dogs after all or should be looking at another breed for your hunting companion?

If that’s what you’re wondering, keep on reading as down below, you’ll find out everything there is to know about beagles, their advantages, and also the downsides you should be aware of before making the choice.

Are Beagles Good Hunting Dogs


Beagles are definitely one of the top dog breeds for hunting since they were specifically bred for hunting over the centuries which makes them perfect for hunting small game such as gophers or rabbits.

However, hunters tend to hunt a wide variety of game that ranges up to jackals and even wild pigs. What’s great about beagles is that they can be used for individual hunting, but they are also perfect for hunting in packs since one of their biggest strengths is to work in packs.

Of course, beagles are very versatile which when combined with their traits makes them super solid hunting dogs.

Beagles love to explore the environment around them through smell which combined with their drive to chase prey is super useful for hunting down games of all types and sizes. It’s hard to believe until you see it, but beagles are also able to take down a deer due to their instincts that originate from wolfs (hunting and killing instincts).

Of course, they are also dogs of high energy levels that are excited by following the scent and they rarely rely on their sight yet only on their scent, and that’s why they’re known as scent hounds.

Beagles are also loyal companions, they can be funny, are fairly easy going and they enjoy the company and even being surrounded by a pack.

What are the Disadvantages of Owning a Beagle


Beagles are some of the best hunting dogs, but they still have their own cons that you should consider before making a choice.

They tend to be very loud and they’re known for barking more than other breeds. Beagles also love to dig a lot which isn’t bad for hunting, but it is not so great when he’s at home and you want to keep your backyard tidy.

Another thing Beagles are known for is stubbornness. They can be really nice dogs but they have a very stubborn side which might be hard to control at times. But during the hunts, beagles are extremely focused on the scent that they’ll rarely act out.

That’s most likely one of the reasons why you could’ve heard that beagles are disobedient as hunting dogs which might only be partially true.

Also, if you’re allergic, keep in mind that Beagles can cause allergies and that house training is quite hard so you’ll have a hard time teaching them to get off the sofa, not to go onto the bed, and do other things you don’t want them to do.

And since Beagles are naturally a smaller dog breed, in case of an emergency or danger, they’ll typically do their best to alert the owner, but they’ll always try to protect themselves first.

Why are Beagles so Nice and What are They Good at?


Beagles are considered such a nice dog breed because they’re very sociable by nature. They’re all about living in the pack and also working in a pack.

Not only does this make them very great pets, but they’re also great hunting dogs, and as long as you train them properly, they’ll be on their best behavior and their downsides won’t affect your daily life or your hunts.

Since Beagles are very sociable, they’re also very friendly and they won’t ever have an issue making new friends. On top of that, they require very low maintenance, they can be super versatile, and even though they’re a bit stubborn, if trained properly, they’ll be very obedient.

When it comes down to hunting, they’re really good at a sense of smell but they also have what seems like an endless stamina that keeps them going for hours.

Is it True Beagles are Disobedient?


Beagles for sure aren’t little angels and they definitely have a certain reputation for being loud, disobedient, and even destructive at times.

But is this true and is this something you should be aware of in every single Beagle you come across?

The truth is that Beagles can be very stubborn, and even though it can be hard to train them at first, if it’s done properly, these “downsides” won’t be coming so much onto the surface. Of course, you can expect them to occasionally get out of order, but Beagles can actually be very obedient when they’re properly trained.

Don’t forget that Beagles are also kind and loving, super friendly, and are a type of breed that loves to be and work in packs. Therefore, they’re both great family dogs and hunting dogs whether you hunt alone or with a group of hunters.

There’s just an element of rebellion that’s integrated into their DNA and that’s something you should be aware of, but it’s not something you should be afraid of or give up on a Beagle for only this reason.

A proper obedience training, a lot of treats, and you will easily overcome these behaviors in a Beagle, and even when your Beagle occasionally acts out, it’ll be a part of his character that you won’t hate.


So are beagles good hunting dogs? Of course, they are! They’re excellent hunters, they can work well in a group and a pack, and with proper training, they can be very obedient.

At the same time, you’ll have a perfect family dog, a best friend, and your favorite hunting companion you’ll gladly take hunting with you, no matter the type of game you’re after.

Of course, it takes a lot of effort to train a Beagle (or any other hunting dog), but Beagles are definitely worth it!

What is your favorite characteristics of Beagles and why? Did you ever go hunting with a Beagle?